TK Event Engine MX v1.37
Another event engine for ActionScript

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== Why still use TK Event Engine in Flash MX? ==

In MX, you can write something like:
mc.onEnterFrame = function () {...}
on _root. However, there are still some reasons to use this event engine in MX such as:

- It's easier to manage listeners with the event engine.
- It's easier to pass parameters to the methods of the listeners with the event engine.
- Executions of methods are faster with the event engine, since 'eval' is used on the whole paths to the methods.

The new movieclip method, 'createEmptyMovieClip' is used in this .as file, so, you no longer need to put an empty mc on the stage by hand.
Refer to Flash 5 version for explanations on what an event engine is.

Demonstration swf

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